Thank You For Your Service

All too often those who risk their lives daily and work hard to protect, serve, and render aid to the public forget to take care of themselves.  You may also have seen or feel that seeking help in these lines of work has a negative stigma attached to it--it often becomes one of those things we "just don't talk about" or we fear being perceived as weak.  


 Let a therapist with 7 years of law enforcement experience as a deputy sheriff, police officer, and tactical officer help you develop a personal plan for self-care.  I personally know the ramifications of not taking care of oneself while in a public service role, which can lead to self-medicating, along with other harmful ways to cope with the trauma/PTSD and stress often associated with these careers.  

If you like, call/text/email me to see if it is something you want to do before scheduling an appointment.  All discussions are confidential and, if you are ready, schedule a time to meet today.